Tiling suits areas of heavy traffic, such as hallways and corridors, as well as areas of the home where water- and stain-resistance is an asset, namely kitchens and bathrooms. The warm, earthy tones of terracotta-looking tile have a natural association with country settings; classic ceramic tiles have a cleaner and more contemporary appearance. Traditional tile patterns include the simple contrast of black-and-white chequeboard, the classical elegance of pale octagonal inset with small dark squares or diamond shapes, and plain tiled grounds inset with random glazed or encaustic feature tiles. In large areas, or at thresholds, more intricate designs, either geometric or pictorial, can provide a focal point or centerpiece. Borders accentuate areas of tiling and provide a neat finishing touch. In areas, that are irregularly shaped, borders look best inset from the perimeter rather than following the contours of the room.